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Balmy was created in 2023. The main purpose was to produce such an ice-cream that would be distinguished from the classic types of ice-cream and would go far beyond your imagination!

And from the carefully considered details

Balmy was born!

The whole range of ice-cream is made with high grade cream butter due to which it has the most delicate texture.

Due to the low level of air saturation, the ice cream is denser and the taste is more expressive.

What about milk chocolate, it conveys unforgettable expressions to all sweet lovers.  The offered range is wide and diverse.  Everyone can find a large selection of ice cream with different flavor nuances to suit their taste.


Balmy offers a wide assortment of delicate vanilla, chocolate, crème-brulee as well as strawberry flavored ice-creams combined

with variety of jams.

Discover the planet of flavors  with Balmy!

Վանիլային, շոկոլադե, կրեմ-բրյուլե,

ելակի և բալի ջեմերով. բացահայտիր համերի մոլորակը Balmy-ի հետ միասին։

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